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About the Challenge

The ’21 Days of Green Living’ is a 21 days long challenge.
During these 21 days, participants will be offered a set of Green Living/ Sustainable Living tasks that they need to complete.
After completion, participant needs to send us a picture/video of task completion as a proof.
Each task owns a score which helps us determine the winner.


  • There are 7 tasks each week, complete as many as you can. Each task is associated with points that are mentioned along with the task description.
  • You can complete all the tasks at once, or one at a day (as per your ease) until Jan 23rd, 23:59 (IST) (Last day of submission)
  • Click a picture or shoot a video of the task being done
  • At the bottom of tasklist, you’re able to find a submission option, fill in your details and upload the pictures/video
  • You can also send us an email with the picture/video (with name, city, mobile number) at [email protected] if you face difficulty uploading throughthr task page
  • & VOILA, you’re done! 🌟

For more info, reach out to us: